Copying timeline actions for button

Is there a way I can copy the continue timeline actions for button 1 (Clock (9:30) so as I can apply them to the remaining clock buttons, or do I have to continue to do this manually?


Unfortunately not, though this is of course a vital feature request.

The workarounds now would be to duplicate the button and make other changes after-the-fact, or potentially copy shared functionality into a Custom Behavior and use a single Trigger Custom Behavior action. In cases where there’s one change among the list, often you can trigger the behavior and then run another action with just that change that may “overwrite” a previous action (ie: the custom behavior has a pause timeline, but your action that runs after the fact calls continue timeline).

Thank you for the reply Jonathan - in the overall scheme of the project it’s not that big a deal but would be a nice feature to have for future work.