Copying pasting grouping from one hype 4 doc to another text placement issues

Im noticing that when I copy a grouping from one Hype 4 doc to another which includes pasted vector and fonts, fonts seem to be jumped up towards the top or bottom of the grouping in the new document. Can someone verify this?

It’d be useful if there are more specific steps to reproduce or a video.

I’m guessing what you’re seeing is that the position of elements remains the same, but this position is group-relative instead of scene relative? So when an element gets pasted outside of a group it may take on a very different position.

This only happens with text in the group when pasting the animated blocks to another doc.

Might I just add, this happens with other files not just this one. (19.5 KB)

Can you attach the source doc as well?
When I open the destination it also does not look like the paste from the video.

check your dm, it might just be related to google fonts. Just confirmed this is when a google font is used, in my case its an open sans font that causing this. Specifically when the font is being pasted in for the first time into a new hype document.

Thanks - I can reproduce with what you sent. Definitely a bug!