Copy of hype file doesn't allow removal of assets if not used in the scene

Wanted to know if anyone experienced issues trying to delete asset(s) which was created using a copy of a different hype file. I'm currently experiencing an anomaly where assets like spritesheet and images which are not part of the scene that can't be deleted/removed. I did check select "remove when no longer referenced" and inspected all of the layers to see if they are being used on the stage/scene and they're not, I wonder what could it be?

does a save under or rebuilt from export work?

Im not sure I understand what you mean by below.

    1. open the file and save as ... to get a new file.


  • export as html and built a new file from the export

then check if the issue persists ... :slight_smile:

This is essentially a copy or duplicate, yes that doesn't work, files are still there and cant be deleted.

Build a new file from the export? How does one do that? is it a normal default export from hype?

The most likely reason assets won't be allowed to be removed is that a Symbol is holding onto them. Note that symbols do not auto-delete by default, so it is possible to have a symbol in your resources folder that is holding onto images, but is not instantiated in any scene.

I don't recall seeing bugs specifically where we incorrectly hold onto assets, but if you can't track it down to a symbol feel free to send a zip of your .hype document to look at.

How does hype treat removal of layout breakpoint? Are the assets automatically removed too?

I’ll check again if there are any symbols that may be associated with them images and report my findings.

On a different note, a feature request would be great in this instance, which is to reveal where on the stage the actual referenced images are with a bounding box if say right clicking on the asset “show on stage or outside of the layout.

Correct; same as deleting a scene.

Oh yes :slight_smile:.

a regular export will include the restorable.plist-file.
via help -> restore file from export you can rebuilt the file ...

Turns out there was a symbol which contained various images, as soon I removed it, hype removed the images associated with the symbol. However, the spritesheet can't be removed its not in the scene or in any of the layouts.

Another feature request idea, to somehow make it easier for people to identify/distinguish what's inside of the symbol in the resources pane by showing an icon of the symbol inside of the image icon or maybe making it a child of where a symbol is the parent?

Sorry, you are correct that we have an open issue where Sprite Sheets can hold onto their images. (They are symbols under-the-hood, but don't show up, and presently don't get cleared out). I bumped the priority of this bug to fix.

I'll have to give more thought about that; I think there's an appeal to having items encapsulated or denoted for symbols, but resources can exist in multiple places (inside or outside of symbols) so I don't want to make the resource library too abstract. Thanks!

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, the spritesheet is just an image that Hype generated based on and placed in the resources which cannot be removed for whatever the reason.

Correct, we are talking about the same thing! :slight_smile: Hype creates a spritesheet image as a resource, but then also makes a special hidden spritesheet symbol which drives its animation. This also allows it to have spritesheet actions.

Thanks for clearing it out and bumping it up for fix.

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