Converting my Hype file to put it on YouTube

How do I convert my Hype eBook with audio to a format for YouTube?

It's a sleepy Sunday, not sure if anyone is going to respond right away. So, maybe I can help. To do that, I'm going to tell a story.

I've been working on an app for iPhone/iPad, but I needed a promo video. I tried to hit the size requirements, but my software couldn't do it. So, I tried using Hype as a video editor. It exports to H.264 (MP4) or ProRes 422 (mov) video. There's one problem though. Hype doesn't export video with an audio track.

To fix that problem, I opened up the video in QuickTime and I dragged in an audio track. You could also use iMovie to throw down an audio track, if you're using a 16:9 video ratio. (I couldn't figure out how to change the ratio in iMovie. I don't know if that's possible.)

You can see the end result in the iTunes App Store... ...from an iPhone/iPad.
(NOTE: The audio track is actually silence, but an audio track was added.)

Basically, it's possible, but a little extra effort is involved.

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