Converted .swf file to .gif to Hype Animation (Like a Spritesheet)

Hi all.

I had a .swf file where it teaches how the sequence on how to write a letter. I converted from .swf file to .gif file. I tried very hard to control the play and stop buttons. However not always accurate. Is there any way i can accurately control the .gif file using a button it play? Or should I convert to another format.

Looking forward to hear from all of you.

Siew Khim

Unfortunately GIFs can’t be controlled like that: Importing an animated gif to a Hype timeline

I think your best bet is to convert the frames in your GIF into individual images, like a PNG sequence. You can then animate the display and hiding of those frames using Hype’s normal opacity or ‘display’ animation tools. If it’s not too many frames this shouldn’t be too hard to get going. Can you share it?

It has more than 100 images for each gif. How do I do that? Will you be able to guide me along please? (1.8 MB)

So from your GIF image, I exported all the frames: (2.1 MB) (In Photoshop > File > Export > Layers as Frames > Transparency on, don’t trim layers, PNG 24 bit.

And added them into Hype: (1.0 MB)

The animation I created is just a ‘Display’ keyframe. You can tighten this up once you have all the animations setup. Here’s the manual process of getting this animation live in Hype (not super easy, but won’t take you all day :slight_smile:

This will be much easier with sprite sheet animations in Hype 4.0. If you’d like to signup for the beta you can fill this out:

Hi Daniel. Thank you for your prompt reply. I will try on that. Applied the beta version as well. Hopefully I will hear from Hype soonest.

Thank you once again!

Take Care!