Convert custom fonts to image or SVG - Using custom fonts

I’m currently creating a banner ad for my company and I’d like to use a custom font. Is there a way to export the file so that its no longer live text? For example the whole thing becomes SVG images.

Unfortunately no, but this is pretty easy to do in a tool like Illustrator.

Or, you could screenshot your text and create a PNG or GIF image.

Thanks Daniel for the quick response. We’d prefer to keep our text live within the program because we tend to make a lot of last minute changes. I agree that creating SVG text in Illustrator is easy, but having to change the text in Illustrator then save it as an SVG, then import it into Hype can get a little tedious. :frowning:

It annoys me and makes me feel confused. I export SVG format from Sketch. In the Finto editor, it shows the exact typeface as in the Sketch. But when viewing the result on the device, the typefaces are different with the one in the editor. Also, all the text layouts are affected.

Since we do have to do work arounds for custom fonts, consider ArtText2, it has a lot of features for styling type. The best thing about it, if we have to do this, is that it exports in png format, so you don’t have to do the screen shot. I do open the png file in Pixelmator in order to crop the png file size down though and also get a transparent background. It is an extra step but worth it. I would love it if they did SVG, but…

ArtText does have an interface learning curve, but most apps do since Apple no longer seems to care about the Human Interface guidelines from back in the good old days, (90’s and early 2000’s)

I think for Apple its now more important to be different than it is to be good. Hype does well, relatively speaking.