Contribution: Super Simple Tabs for UI work

(Jeroen Carelse) #1

Hi all,

I needed to figure out how to make a super simple tab for a UI project and I ended up making this mock-up. This might be interesting for those who just start to work with Hype 3. It gets the job done but there are no fancy (98.7 KB)


Nice, but it would be nicer if we had the hype file :grinning:

(Mark Hunte) #3

Just use the restore file


Cheeky :smiley:

(Mark Hunte) #5

Yer… but then I guess it is not a secret… :innocent:

(Jeroen Carelse) #6

Oh man, was too tired to realise this :smiley:

Now it should be okay (15.3 KB)