Consolidate duplicate image and audio files in the Resources

When I copy scenes from different, but related projects, then I often end up with a bunch of duplicates of the symbols, images and audio files (with a “-1” added to the filename for images and audio files). I would LOVE to have a optimize function in Hype that recognize duplicate files and consolidate those in the Resources.

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+1 from me


It doesn’t make much sense having to wait while an audio file loads when the file already in memory and ready to go.

Tumult is aware of the challenge of load times and I’m sure they have it on their to-do list. I’m hoping that this will be addressed in Hype 4. It would certainly make a difference in the bounce rates.

Has there been any progress on this? It’s especially an issue when you copy and paste from a different file even though all the assets are the same.

Not just linked files like images, but being able to consolidate multiple copies of Symbols would be really useful. Or at least being able to change the source of a layer. After Effects has convenient options for “Remove Unused” or “Consolidate Footage”.

As a side note, It would be great to be able to drag and drop a scenes or layout from one Hype Document into another rather than having to make a new layout one and copy the layers over manually. You can “Duplicate Scene” but not “Duplicate Layout” Dragging layouts into a different scene could be very helpful too. For those of us using different layouts for ads instead of for responsive it would be really handy if Hype would let us have more than one layout with the same breakpoint. Right now you have to choose a different size then go back into the properties and change it back to the correct width after.

There are no updates on consolidation of resources or symbols.

You can copy and paste scenes (with all their layouts) or individual layouts.