Confirmation Copy + Paste Working from Photoshop to hype

I could have swore copy and pasting worked by selecting all and I've done it before which would bring the graphic as pasted.png however its not working atm. Using Photoshop 2020 on Mojave latest.

Update: It does work, however, it can't be text, shape, smart layer, only a rastered graphic in photoshop.

I've copied text & vectors (as rendered in Photoshop). The layers are then flattened and copied and pasted into Hype... no problem (Photoshop 2021 on Mojave) - of course all is rasterized but that's what You get with a PNG.

Hmm, Photoshop should be exporting a rasterized bitmap version to the pasteboard that Hype can use. You can double check to make sure photoshop's general preference for "export clipboard" is checked.

Otherwise feel free to post the PSD with instructions on how you made the copy. Sometimes apps like Adobe post multiple representations on the clipboard and it is up to apps to decide which is best; Hype may be selecting the wrong one. I'd need to examine the clipboard data to know. Thanks!