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Hi there,

Loving the general stability of the latest Hype build.

It would be great to be able to change the font size on Hype’s inbuilt Javascript code editing page. On the Layout page you can adjust the magnification of the screen, but a similar, separate option for viewing the code would be great on the coding page. My old eyes get tired trying to make out stuff on the retina screen!

Also there are a couple of (I think) bugs. One of which is that my machine is still unable to open script files with an external editor. I click the Eye icon from the Resources panel which previews the file. But when I click on the (in my case) ‘Open with BBEdit’ button, it does nothing. Is this a fault with Hype of my permissions on my BBEdit app?

The other bug is on the Hype’s code editing page. I can only make this happen when I initially open up a document - and the document was saved with Hype’s coding page as open (so not on the design screen). If you then toggle the ‘Scenes’, ‘Layouts’, ‘Inspector’ or ‘Resources’ buttons (which on the coding page wouldn’t usually do anything anyway) the Hype window keeps getting wider and wider on each successive click. You can’t shrink the width back down with the usual OS mouse click and drag from the bottom right corner. Eventually the window gets wider than the screen. The only way to get the bottom right hand corner of the window to be responsive to resizing is to go back to the design view and resize it from there. Weird bug - may only be happening on my machine, but I thought I’d flag it up just in case.

you can change the fontsize in the preferences panel … at least in hype-pro

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You know when you think you know the preferences inside out (but clearly keep looking past the obvious)… I’m on Pro and officially an idiot.
Thanks :slight_smile:

External editing is a feature of the upcoming version of Hype; you’re welcome to watch a demo of the feature or apply to the beta program.

The button not working is a weird quirk of Hype v3 using the standard macOS Quick Look feature but not being able to support external editing. We can’t really hide the button but we could disable it to prevent a bug. The button will work in v4 :).

I should also note that Hype keeps a copy of the file but often preserves linkage to the original that was dragged in. If you edit the original file you will likely get a dialog in Hype asking if you want to update to the newer version.

This is a known issue, thanks for the report!