Click on an animation

I have an animated (swimming) fish in my project. I want that a text appears when I click on the fish. The animation should not stop. How can I do that?
Thanks a lot for helping!

Very quickly… :grinning:

You assign a on click action to the animation element. Or Group it’s elements and assign the click action on the group.

The click action will then run a second timeline that animates a Text element.


Doesn’t work…:(. Only when I go in the new timeline, but then the first animation with the fish desappear…

Unfortunately we are not remote viewers so cannot help without guessing what you are doing… Can you post an example of what you are trying to do…


The animation should show swimming fishs. When I click on a swimming fish, the text should fading (240.9 KB)

You need to start the first timeline. I have done this with a Timeline Action on the Main timeline
see example. Your best bet is to read through the documentation on the basics of Hype… (133.2 KB)

Thank you very much! Yes, I will read it soon!