Chrome Loading Issue?

Hi all! I suspect this is a school district/web filtering issue but I'm throwing it out here to see if anyone else has any insight.

I have about 300 Hype documents that are part of a free online digital textbook series I project managed a few years back. This year I've had several teachers contact me and say the interactives are not loading for them. (But are for some -- not all, but some) of their students. They all load fine for me, but the tech department at my school has stripped every control mechanism off my account so I enjoy unbridled internet access.

For example, this page will probably render perfectly for all of you:

But this is what a few of my teachers are getting:

Any thoughts you might have are greatly welcomed :-).

Sorry you're hitting this, Dave.

One thing that would be good to see if the developer console for that teacher. On windows, you can open up the developer conosole with

ctrl + alt + i

Or this setting:

Then, if they switch to the 'console' tab, they can see what error is being shown. My guess is there is some restriction on loading JavaScript within an iframe, or JavaScript within an iframe over http. It's odd that it works fine for me and not for the school network, since it is a pretty specific type of restriction.

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I've forwarded on to the teacher -- while she won't understand what she's looking at in the developer console, she is very adept at screenshots :-).

School districts do odd things - Some of them go with default settings. Some of them open things wide up and blacklist/turn off features as abused. Some of them (and these are the most frustrating) lock every single thing down and whitelist/activate features as needed. It's a longer story for another day, but I once went into a district that had blocked all of Google's apps on the guest wifi and all my materials for the training were there!



Opened well for me on mac Chrome, most of our 9,000 school computers are Windows so I can't say. We have been open 3 days, and are having issues with the new distance learning systems, and especially anything involving student downloads, maybe fewer than we expected for what its worth.
The hardest part is knowing what to do in the developer consoles in dozens (hundreds?) of apps. Will check it again in a few days when my Windows machine is available. Doing 3 jobs, only one of them officially mine LOL (or not)


Alright - here's what I've got from my teacher. I'm not as versed in Javascript as I would like but I'm not necessarily seeing an error thrown here. Thoughts?

I reached out to some other teachers who I know use the materials regularly, but they're not having issues. This lends credence to my "setting somewhere at the school" theory

I actually see the content…

Please check your console and network connections tab.

Yes - I see content too. That's what's brought me here for insight -- A good number of the teachers I work with on the regular see content as well. But I've had a not insignificant number of other teachers e-mail me recently that they just see a blue page with nothing.

Okay, got you. I looked at the Hype file itself and it doesn't use any fancy scripts but I saw many other scripts being loaded (Muse related and jQuery). As Muse is at its end of life cycle it might be related to the surrounding scripts. Maybe export your file and put with a regular Hype template on your server (extra folder) and send it to a teacher (or friend) that couldn't see it with the question if he can now see it. If so, then you maybe can fence in the problem using the power of exclusion.

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God love it, this is a fantastic possible avenue to explore. I will test this out first thing back in the office tomorrow!

I am also having the teacher forward the entire email chain to their tech department in the hopes I can get a 1:1 on with them to see what the issue might be.

We know now that most of the download issues that we have are security permissions related, .....but not all, for what its worth.

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Permissions seem most likely to me but I wanted to be exhaustive in my search. At the end of the day, I don’t want frantic, frazzled teachers giving up in frustration — especially if the fix is simple and on the school side of things.

Thank you so much everyone!

The domain is correctly secured over SSL (with a free Let's Encrypt certificate). If the webmaster also secured the domain under that same certificate, this may help.