Chroma Keying: Video green backdrop


How do I change the background using the video green backdrop???

(Greg) #2

Not sure what you mean by “video green backdrop”. If you mean the Scene’s background, then you can change the color in the Scene inspector…


Thanks for your prompt response. I am sorry if I was not clear I will give you an example of a video with the green backdrop. The green backdrop should enable different backgrounds like the park or black background replacing the green backdrop. Like the weather studios on TV. Thank you.

(Steve Flowers) #4

Chroma key isn’t available in Hype, I’d imagine. It’s really tough to pull off in real-time consistently across browsers. There’s a few methods for keying in real-time in a canvas element. But it’s so computationally intensive that it 1) looks terrible and 2) only works full-framerate at lower resolutions of video.

(Steve Flowers) #5

This one works with WebGL:

Doesn’t run in Chrome on my machine. Runs OK in Firefox and Safari. Neat stuff. You might have luck including and setting up your video playback using the library.

(Steve Flowers) #6

Got it to run in chrome. Had acceleration turned off for some reason.


Unfortunately the web isn’t quite ready for this. Chrome is, and Firefox might be, but this technique requires a lot of WebGL code to get working. The example @stflowers posted requires additional code to setup the different background environments: