Check out my first HYPE web

Hey guys, take a look at my first HYPE webpage
Its a combination of hype Joomla gallery (iframe) and background its html and CCS3.

Tell me what you thing :smiley:


Very nice. I noticed that when I view the gallery your spinner seems a bit redundant. It pops down and spins after the image has loaded. It appears mechanical rather than calculated?. I would discard it if it does not really show when an image is waiting to be displayed…

Also just an idea as a continuity thing but not essential would be to register to local storage or Global, which image in the background is currently in the background. Then when the user switches to a new page the storage is read and the same image seems to continue. ( It may be too much to store and load zoom progress)

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thx alot for your suggestions gonna work on it :blush:

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well done @Dude_182 , nice work with good responsive behavior; I like due menu; maybe the responsive navigation is a bit longer.
Which technique you used for the dynamic distribution of thumbnails?


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