Changing The same property of multiple objects at specific place on the timeline

I am thinking about how to select all objects on the timeline and change the same property on all of them at a specific timeline position.
Is this possible at all?

If you mean like Move them all to the side or up, or fade out etc.., then I would just group them and animate that group.

If you mean like change properties on individual level, you could do that in a different timeline or symbol and let that timeline run at a specific time in your main timeline. However, by doing this you still have to animate them one by one, so then you could also do this directly in the main timeline.

Additionally you can do it with code by giving them all a class, and then at a specific point in the main timeline run a javascript in which u can set certain properties on your elements. If you want to use code and animate them, you could do this with by adding an animation library like GSAP.

I hope this helped