Changes in Motion Path animation don't export

Hola! Another question: I have a simple scene with a single Symbol. Within this symbol a rectangle that animates based on a motion path. The problem is as following:

  • when I first create the motion path and animate, the animation works in export / preview
  • when I change the motion path after the first test, all the changes are visible in the HYPE UI, but don’t export or work in the preview.

I’ve already cleared cache and tested on different browsers. No luck.

File attached. Any idea’s? (12.5 KB)

Hi Vic!

Your example works for me (original & changed) on export (desktop) & preview - tested Safari, Chrome.

Weird. I can’t seem to get it working? Can you change the motion path with succes (so change it and preview)?

Likewise I couldn’t reproduce the problem; any motion path changes were reflected on preview. Were you able to get this working?

Well Yes and No. No as in: no, and yes as in: if I edit the motion path, cut - paste it (the animation) to the same object, the changes stick. If I continue to edit the motion path after pasting it doesn’t stick until I cut - paste the animation again. It’s an sketchy work-around, but it gets the job done I guess.

Sorry, I still haven’t been able to figure out the behavior that is causing what you’re seeing. Any chance you could provide a screen capture using QuickTime Player’s ‘File > New Screen Recording’? Thanks!

Yes will do, give me a sec.


I can reproduce this doing what @oneuppedgames does.

Even when I stop the recording ( before the copy and past) and export. The changes do not stick.

The only way I can get it to pick up the changes is to copy and past the animation back onto the element.

Even when I add other elements, they will show up but until I copy and past the adjustment to the animation does not.

This only seems to be with Symbols.

Thanks for the video, I can reproduce this now. I’m amazed it wasn’t caught before. I spent a bit of time tracking it down in the code today, but no luck on a fix so far… regardless I’ll try to get this fixed ASAP!

One workaround other than the copy/paste is to simply save and re-open the document.


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Cool! For now the work-around is not that much of a hassle, so take your time I guess :slight_smile: Good luck with the fix!

Do I need to report it somewhere? I guess you took already care of it?


No need to report it elsewhere, once is perfect :slight_smile:. I have it filed in our bug tracker. Thank you and I appreciate that you continued to follow up on it until I was able to get it!

Sure no problem :slight_smile: