Cant get screen to fit the document

I’ve spent hours trying to fit a document onto the center of the page. It works perfectly for desktops, but doesn’t work well on mobiles as the content is bigger than the screen, especially in landscape mode.

Here is the LINK

I’ve either managed to:
A. Top and bottom portions are missing, as you cannot scroll.
B. All content is visible, you can scroll but the background gradient repeats after the scroll, since the body height is 100%. (82.1 KB)

Take look at the files. You’re using a odd resolution. 550x500. That is difficult on mobile phones.
In the 2nd file I used the iPhone6 plus. It looks ok on the other formats I think.
The REP txt is a bit too low. My mistake, but you can easily change it. If you want to center, lower all the text. (53.6 KB) (53.6 KB)