Can't get latest update from App Store

Hype gave me an in-app notice that update 3.5.2 was available so I visited the App Store app and it doesn’t see an update for it. It shows Hype in the list of purchases so it knows I have it. Any tips to get the update?

Can you see if visiting the App Store directly gives you a ‘Update’ button?

Following that link to the Hype page in the App Store has an [open] button under the icon there rather than [update]. The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is if I may have moved the App into a subfolder a while back. Even though it is sitting int he Applications folder now, it may have recorded another location?

That’s odd – can you try restarting your computer? Also can you confirm your version in the Hype Menu > About?

I tried the restart and apparently that cleared something that did the trick. Update is now showing in the App Store. Very odd indeed. Thanks for the help!