Can't duplicate simple hype

Hi all...

The bad news is... I suck.

I'm trying to duplicate a hype document with ONE line of JS. (simple! the good news)

I've enclosed the original that works (which I didn't create...) and the one that I've tried to make essentially the same... but it somehow fails.

The only minor difference is that I'm using a rectangle instead of an ellipse for the slider.
I can't find where the critical difference lies.

All it is, is the implementation of a video with a scrub slider. Spent hours on this... I need a new set of eyes.

[Edit: There is a hint. The console reports that the video has a value of 'null' on the non-working version]

Thank you for your kind help.

R (1.2 MB)Works (1.2 MB)

choose the videoelemente, go to the identity inspector, insert 'theVideo' in the field id ... should fix it.

the names are not referenced anywhere in the hypexport.
(exception- > symbols)

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I knew it had to be simple... I just had no idea where to look.

Thanks, my friend.