Cannot view https files in html widget


I am simply trying to use the HTML widget but cannot get it to connect to any type of secure external site https (i.e.:,, Just empty space created. Any recommendations that should allow this to work?


Does this issue occur within Hype, when testing locally, or when testing on your server? Can you share a document?


I am just starting the project. Here is a screen shot. Left side is Right side is secure Facebook.


Some websites disallow being displayed in an Iframe – this is a security issue, because you could potentially steal someone’s facebook username and password this way.

Here’s the specific error shown:

You’re going to need to link to that site instead.


I am not using an iFrame. I am attempting to run specified URL. I have compared with 2 other sites that work as expected. Please advise.

(Andrew) #6

The HTML widget is basically an iframe.

But some sites will not allow you to show their website from another domain, especially those that allow user input. For an example, lets say you put Facebook on your domain, and you sized the iframe 50% while the other 50% is your site looking like Facebook. A user inputs info they think is going to Facebook, but is actually being caught by your site, perhaps credit card details, email addresses etc. So it is ‘forbidden’ :slight_smile:

Best thing you can do is take a screen shot every day, or even use a library and clone, but they not very good, and use that.