Cannot change image name in resource library?


Can anyone help me please?

I am trying to change the names of image files in the resource library but they seem to be locked and I cannot edit them.

The problem is I do not have the original image files to reload into the Hype file - and I need to rename them because they have non UTF-8 symbols in them such as £ and @ symbol that are exporting out with the final files and causing errors uploading to Atlas servers.

I thought it would be a simple process of renaming these images in the resource library then exporting - but I simply cannot rename anything is there a reason these are locked?

Thanks for any help

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Hi Rick!

First make sure You have a back-up copy of your Hype Project… then

• Right-click on the Hype document in the “Finder”.
• Select “Show Package Contents”.
• You will see a folder named “Resources”. Inside that should be your image files.
• Drag~Copy the desired files to the Desktop (or some folder)
• Rename them.
• In the “Resources” panel select the image You wish to replace.
• Click on the “Replace” button near the bottom of the “Resources” panel.
• Select the duplicated~renamed image from where you placed it (i.e. Desktop or folder).


That’s wonderful!

Thank you so much!

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