Can I animate this via JavaScript instead of Scenes?

I’d like to animate up to several hundred exercise movements like I depict in the image below with code instead of scene/timeline animation if possible. I’d like the exercise description text to synchronize/highlight along with the flipbook-style pictures of the exercise steps. Additionally, I’d like the animation to begin when the scene loads, and to be able to pause and step through the animation with the controls show. Is all this possible with Javascript (I have no coding experience, but would like to learn)? If so, any pointers to threads that are relevant or helpful?

Your best bet to start is read the Hype Documentation on the Javascript API.

This will give you a good idea of how to use the API to do what you want.

In particular the Get/Set property API which you can use to animate.
The Javascript can be called via mouse clicks/Buttons/Swipes actions etc.

Once you have your head around those, have a working’s model and idea of what you can do, I think you would then be able to ask for help with some more specific code ideas…

Will do, thank you.