Can hype be used for making something like google drive?


Hey guys, have any of you used google drive before? It supports things like dragging files on top of window to upload, dragging files into virtual folders, and overall kind of resembles a modern desktop workspace in terms of functionality.

When I am looking at hype, I see it is possible to use drag and drop, animations are very easy and creating a layout is as easy as drag-and-drop… But dynamically updating data from a website is very different. I dont see this anywhere. I also dont see stuff like input fields etc.

Which leads me to the question; is hype mostly made for users that want the quick and dirty prototype kind of website that contains no logic, but only a flashy website with animations? Or can it implement functionality on par with traditional ways of creating websites?

This is very opaque and not very specific, I know. And for that I am sorry, but I hope someone understands the question.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Hype is primarily a tool for creating animations. Interactivity is a big part of this, but does not have any built-in constructs for logic. The reason for this is logic is best left to programming, and as Hype is based on web technologies, it will integrate with JavaScript for this capability. Hype has an API which allows for some control over the Hype document.

The rules of thumb I’d use are:

  • If your document is highly visual and only has a little bit of logic, Hype is probably a good choice
  • If your document has a lot of logic, but the logic does not significantly drive the visuals, then Hype might also be a decent choice. For areas where the logic comes into play, you can code those using standard web technologies, and then have Hype elements around/surround them
  • If your document has a lot of logic which significantly drives the visuals, then Hype probably isn’t the right choice. It is unlikely tools like Google Drive’s front end were written with a visual environment like Hype. The truth is when you’re pushing the limits you’re usually going beyond the scope of tools.

Ultimately it is very dependent on the document and also what you’re familiar with.