Buttons triggered on scene load

9 out of 10 HYPE projects I build do not work with phonegap and xcode. The exact same projects all work perfectly in safari browser on the same iOS device. What happens is that when the first scene loads on an iOS device, buttons in that scene are triggered without any user interaction.

Support have been unable to help with this as they say xcode is not their area of expertise. They suggested I try the forum. I’m hoping someone here has some knowledge of phonegap/xcode built apps and HYPE.

I am using the latest version of phonegap and xcode on the current generation of iPads. Here is a link to the hype files and xcode project files.

I moved over to HYPE when Adobe discontinued Edge Animate, with which I built many phonegap/xcode apps successfully. HYPE looked like a significantly better app than Edge Animate and it is a joy to use, but for me this problem effectively renders HYPE unable to produce apps via phonegap/xcode.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ok. I se this is the same problem you commented about on another thread.

The problem for us is not all of us use phone gap or codova. and the example you provided HUGE.
It’s like looking through a stadium sized haystack for a needle…

I suggest you create a very small test project. If that does the same thing then post that small project back here.

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Thanks for your reply. I have created a much smaller project which exhibits the problem on the current iPads using phonegap and xcode (Sierra version).

When the app launches on the iPad, index.html loads first. On that screen if you click on the “ENTER” button this loads menu.html. On this second screen click on the “Information” button, this loads Information.html.

The information menu screen, is the first scene in Information.html hype project, scene is called “Menu Information”. This should show you a menu with buttons accessing various scenes within Information.html. However what happens is that the scene “Menu In-Things” fades in without user interaction. This scene should only fade in if the appropriate button is pressed. All buttons were set up only using HYPE’s built in actions.

I have provided the xcode project and the hype files here:

Any help is hugely appreciated.