Buttons not jumping to a new timeline

This is the first time I've tried to actually used Hype to create anything. I have a Main timeline with a question and 8 buttons as possible answers. I also have a timeline called Wrong Answer (clicking 7 of those buttons should jump there) and a timeline called Right Answer (the remaining button should jump there).

But in Preview none of the buttons work. I know the browser recognizes them as buttons because the cursor changes on RollOver, but nothing happens beyond that.

Please help if you can.Road Sign Colors - not working.zip (304.5 KB)

On 'Mouse Click' you have the action set to 'goto' timeline 'wrong answer' at (time) 00.00.00.

That is exactly what happens. On mouse click, Hype jumps to timeline 'wrong answer' at time mark 00.00.00

It's like me telling you 'to go to the street'.
You then probably ask me , 'then what?'

You may be a bit confused by Hype because only the MainTimeline auto starts. Other timelines pause until told to run.
Change your on mouse click action to this will help.
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 07.03.47

Ps, you are using graphics as buttons, not buttons as buttons, with mouse 'over' and 'down' states.

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Thanks so much. That's exactly what was needed.

I suppose my logic was that the button needed to GO to the other timeline so it could be seen, that START the other timeline would be useless without going to it first.

And this is the first time I've ever seen "only the MainTimeline auto starts." If that little detail was in the tutorials somewhere, I missed it.

Thanks so much.


You are welcome and no problem! :wink:
Happy Hyping!