Buttons Hover State Problem

Click the home button to start.
On the drop navigation’s menu buttons are set to brightness status to %50 reduction in “Hover” state.
Also, social buttons are set to display a different colour logo.
Why buttons different appearances when the mouse hovers over them are not working?



Button Hover Status.zip (2.5 MB)

Hi @faruk

Maybe due to a corruption I really don’t know but when copying, deleting and then re-pasting each “item” I got the hover states to work

If this is the keys I had this several times which is wasting my time really. It must be something to do with buttons where the position of the "Normal Status " and “Hover Status” move apart.

Not really clear why this isn’t working in your layout – may have to do with the position of the buttons when you created the hover states…

Unfortunately the hover state properties have some weird edge cases. Are you able to duplicate those elements and reset the hover state? I find that when I copy + paste the elements and set a hover state they work as expected.

Yes copy/paste do work. I hope you short out this bug asap. Thanks Daniel

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