Button to start animation inside a symbol

Real newbie question here, thought it would have been easy but don’t see a clear way to do this.
I have a symbol that has an animation. the first frame of the symbol there is a stop action.

On the main stage I have a button. When I click the button I want to start the animation in the symbol.
How do I target this symbol using a button?

This is accomplished with the Hype JavaScript API…

Thanks Michael, I see how it all works now :slight_smile:


You can add a Custom Behaviour to the Symbol’s Custom Behaviours , with an Action to start the symbols timeline.

Then on the button Actions add a Trigger Custom Behaviour and use the name of the symbols Custom Behaviour.

Simples… :smile:

CBExample 2.hype.zip (14.7 KB)

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Nice! Thanks mate.

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Hello Mark,

I am experimenting with the Symbol functionality.
I just created a simple animation moving three different symbols from left to right.
Within each symbol, three timelines with a respective button triggering different Actions (rotation, opacity).
I read carefully the documentation and followed the forum for complementary informations.
I do not understand why the symbols timelines are not showing the text effect.
Custom Behaviour option might surely helps, but I did not figure how within the symbol itself.

Here is the hype file.
test_symbols2.hype.zip (31.6 KB)

Thanking you in advance.


The problem is not the symbols. The problem is because the group you have them in has the overflow set to hidden and the text is outside of the group bound so is hidden.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.


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