Button That Move To Next Designated Frame In Timeline

Is there a way to have a button that when clicked advances the user to next designated spot in the timeline?

The application would be the following. Slideshow with left and right arrows. When the user clicks the left arrow it takes the users in one direction and the other arrow takes the user in the other direction. I could do this manually but it would require a ton of showing and hiding individual arrows and scenes. There’s got to be a simpler way with JavaScript.


There are indeed simple ways to do this (Assuming I kinda of understand what your are after ) using the Hype API or other Javascript but there are also complex ways that it can be done using the same.

There are examples of these all over the site, normally in threads containing slide show questions.

But you description is a bit too vague to give you a proper answer or direct to to a particular thread.
It is always better to post an example project that shows as much as possible your layout and aims.
Also it helps if you write what you are after like you are writing a manual for a user, including individual actions and behaviour as a consequence of an action, structure of the layout and so on. The more information the better.
This approach can help avoid ambiguity, assumptions and drawn out questions.

Check out these sections of the docs: http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#timeline-actions
and http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#timeline-playback-direction

With a timeline action, you can create designated spots, and with the actions, you can go forward or backwards.

I need left and right arrows that when clicked will advance the slide show to defined areas in the timeline. I was thinking that there would be a javascript that could automatically advance forward (or backward) to the next predefined timeline area verses creating multiple symbols with hidden and shown buttons.

Why would you need to do this…

It is not clear to me what you setup is or layout is so it is hard to give an answer.

For example what is sliding and what is changing when a button is clicked.

We could have a slide show that when I click an arrow, a new image slides into view and the old image slides out of view.

There is an slide counter that displays #n of #n number of images that will be updated after each slide.

When do slide show runs to one end The advance arrow for that side becomes un responsive until the slide show is advanced in the other direction first.

There are also number buttons for each slide that can be clicked to advance directly to that slide thus skipping any slides in between.

Please post a project that shows us what you are doing…

Hey Mark,

I think my primary problem is that I have all the slides (photos) on one scene. What I need to do is

  • create the intro scene
  • create a scene for each photo
  • make sure the left and right buttons (symbols) are placed into each scene
  • make sure the action for the left and right buttons have “advance to prev or next scene”
  • Make sure the transition is fade between each scene.

What do you think. Thanks for chiming in bye the way. I’m thankful for your thoughts / time.

adding two buttons to the first slide scene.
Add the Actions to prev and next scene with cross fade.

Now select both buttons and Use the Symbol menu to Make new Persistant Symbol from Selection.
Click the add to every scene.

You will need to go to the intro scene and remove the symbol that is there.