Button states to change when not active anymore

And yet some more help

I have buttons that has the .active and .hover state set as well as the initial state.

What I am unable to get right if for the button, once it is not active anymore to default back to the resting state (if that makes any sense).

So, hover and pressed state will be the same and then a resting state for when it is not active

If you’re using the built-in Hype buttons, there’s no notion of “active”, only normal, hover, and pressed. After being pressed the button will go back to the normal or hover state (depending on where the mouse is at!).

If you want a notion of an active state, then you’ll want to trigger and play a timeline that animates the button to a different state. (And you may want to use this method for other states, as the button behaviors will override anything set by this).