Button previous/next frame

Hi at all!

I’d like to create two buttons .
A button go to next frame
An other button fo to previous frame.

Can you help me ?



This template might help…

Hi Photics,

The template is a little complicate.

I found this example https://forums.tumult.com/uploads/db2156/original/2X/e/e1a22e6620aceaa735c0b1f4813ea7088ff3129c.zip

But different is that I need to have to the right and left of thumbnails .

Can you elaborate on this difference, as the document you did post goes to the right and left?

Also you said “frame” in the first post; do you mean literally a single frame (as in, 1/30 of a second), or to an arbitrary point?

If you are looking for something simple, you may also be able to use multiple scenes and go backwards/forwards with those. A persistent symbol can work as navigation.