Building the Bomb project update

I’ve been repurposing content from a print graphic I did in 1995 into an interactive graphic built in Hype Pro. Here’s the latest version:

The intro is complete and the first 2 of 7 modules. I’ve gained some efficiency working on Part 2: Los Alamos, using only 4 scenes by adding buttons and actions to pause and continue the timeline. In Part 1: Chain Reaction I have 10 scenes.

I’ve also separated each module into its own URL to reduce loading time and make it easier to update.

I hope to explore symbols and secondary timelines in upcoming modules. Any suggestions or feedback is deeply appreciated.


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Hi there,

great stuff that doesn’t olden.
Two things:
I would make an introduction in which the user can go back if it’s been to fast for him to read.
The home-button wihtin parts could be ‘clearer’ to identify and i guess the animation of the startsite is not necessary when the user comes back from a scene …

Thanks for the feedback, good ideas to add. -BP