Bug? Pasting items causes others to disappear, and more

I’m having lots of issues where simply pasting an item – text block, image – causes things other objects or groups to completely disappear. Then I can’t seem to fix it unless I can undo. This just killed a few hours of work, assuming it’s a bug and not operator error.

I made a video showing my screen and I describe the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/opkgk52yp3te21e/hype%20bug%20compressed.mp4?dl=0

Then after that… I thought, well, I’ll just copy-paste that missing rectangle and try again. Inexplicably, it doesn’t paste where I expect, and I cannot move it up/down amongst other layers.

Am I missing something? I just paid for this last night to complete a project.

Sent you an email – we’ll look into this. Doesn’t seem like expected behavior!