Bug covering my elements

(parsa) #1

when i scroll down, half my screen is not visible but i can still select my elements but i cannot see them. if i click on an element and move it around, it uncovers the content but when i scroll up or down, the other half of the screen is not visible.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Out of curiosity what version of macOS are you on and what version of Hype are you using?

Also you posted this in the “JavaScript” category; do you have any javascript that may affect the HTML of the page, or Inner HTML set? Feel free to send a zip of your .hype document and we can take a closer look.

(There was an issue where this could occur with 3.6.8 on 10.4.0-10.4.3, but should be cleared up on the latest version of macOS 10.14.4)

(parsa) #3

thank you very much, i updated my laptop and thats all it needed, i appreciate your support.