Browser Cache for your Tumult Hype document & resolving flashing Images during scene transitions & animations

You may be hitting this issue if:

  1. You see see flashing images when changing scenes using the instant transition
  2. Images don’t appear as quickly as they should, even though you're pretty certain they're 'preloaded'
  3. After updating and re-uploading your document, reloading the .html page doesn't refresh your document.

This is most likely an issue with server caching, and commonly occurs on sites hosted on Dropbox’s public folder. Dropbox does not cache any content in public folder, so you'll need to use a different web host to resolve this issue.

Another common cause of this issue is extremely large images. We've put together a guide to decreasing the file size of your document here.

To resolve this issue on your web host (Not Dropbox):

  1. Download this file. This is an htaccess file which tells your web server to cache content for a specified time.
  2. Copy & paste that file and save it on your computer as htaccess.txt
  3. Upload that file to the directory inside your 'NAME.hyperesources' folder using an FTP client.
  4. Rename that file to be the following:
    If you are unable to access your server via FTP, please contact your web host and share this page with them.

To test what caching headers are being sent from your server, open Terminal and run this:

curl -I

If your file is being cached, you'll see something like this in the output:

Expires: Sat, 25 Oct 2015 23:07:42 GMT
Cache-Control: max-age=2592000

Thank You Daniel!

I just had this issue (server caching).


Is there any kind of elfin magic that will scan the files on a site (including Hype resource folders), make a master list with links, and force the browser not to reload duplicates?

(I have a number of Hype-heavy sites with well-optimized content and less than stellar load times.)

As in you have the same images but in different .hyperesources folders that you’d like to not re-download?

Yes. The greatest challenge I have with every Hype project (other than small stuff such as animated buttons etc.) is loading times. I follow best practices but I create a fair amount of ambitious projects. Check out Lots of Hype throughout.

I hated the clunkiness and dated approach of Flash but it did allow me have total and detailed control over all the loading - timers. booleans, keyframe-based, etc.


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Gotchya. There’s a lot of manual solutions you could do (like 301 redirects or using the same .hyperesources folder), though some of these would be against the ‘Automatically optimize when exporting’ feature as that will output images dependent on the sizes within your Hype documents. I do hear you about this need.

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