Breakpoint triggers a restart of my enter animation, how to avoid

I’m using a responsive layout from 1200px-1920px, then 1920 up.

When someone on a desk top resizes it down, the breakpoint triggers the entry animations ll over again. It looks to the user like a “bug”.

How do i avoid this when reaching a breakpoint, so it doesn’t trigger a reload of the animation.

I have zero coding experience. just using the wysiwyg features

Quickest way would be to use a persistent symbol across all layouts. You can use the same one. So house all your content in one and copy paste it to all layouts and adjust accordingly. Probably look at scaling it up by approx 150% for the 1920px layout

Other than that, code would have to be used. There are a few techniques for scaling and keeping the aspect ratio intact but as you said you’re not a coder It might not be easy to implement.

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