Blocsapp founder wants a better integration with Hype

This is to all the Blocsapp and Hype users as well as those that don’t know what Blocsapp is.

Blocs is a mac only app which is in someways similar in nature to Hype which offers the convenience of creating responsive websites at ease using a bootstrap framework under the hood. Hype also offers the ability to create responsive websites, however the process is not the same. Hype the way I see it, is geared for the creation of interactive modules or components something that cant be done with Blocs where as Blocs is geared primarily for the creation of websites using its ‘blocs’ (modifiable components). Blocs founder Norm wants to get more involved and provide a better integration with his app and here’s what he had to say via a forum thread.

"I think Hype is a great app and a deeper integration with Blocs would be fantastic."

@jonathan how do you feel about working together with Norm and make Blocs and Hype more then what it is now?

One idea I had in mind was, the ability for Hype to create export bloc bric’s a bric is an extension for blocs that enables the control of elements within Blocs Interface - heres an example of a ‘bric’

Walkthrough of the swiper bric by Lucas.

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I’m never opposed to integration with a cool mac app :slight_smile:.

Actually I think it would really be easy to make an Export Script for the bric structure.

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Awesome! So what would it take for you to create an export as bloc bric? @frank52 and I are thrilled about the news.

Did someone say export script?! :smiley:

Creating Hype export scripts is sorta my speciality these days.

I think the better question is… how would YOU create the export script?! HA HA!

If Jonathan wouldn’t do app exporting for Hype, I doubt he would do that here. He needs to focus on Hype 4. Although, I’m told if you throw money at him, you may gain favor.


I think it would really be easy

I’ve recently learned that this is a dangerous word in development, but that might be the clincher. Exporting for App has a lot of headaches associated with it. Perhaps this is something… easy.

If theres a guide to creating a special export and it if happens to be not too much trouble, I don’t see a problem.

This is beyond me.

I can’t speak on Jonathans behalf about the timing of Hype 4 final and his priorities. I can only ask him if its something he feels optimistic about. One thing I know for sure, the developers can benefit from having to promote one another to their new and existing users via this export. Plus, Blocs and Hype share a similar development style, they are exclusively Mac apps, both do similar things give or take in a different setting, the only question is, how can they be more accessible?

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I’m glad to see that Blocsapp developper is looking at Hype and hope he will be inspired by it ! I use Blocsapp for a web site project (which include Hype content - see I think the concept behind Blocsapp is brillant, unfortunately the app suffer from a lot of issues and conflicts particularly when it comes to styling (not to mention the UI inconsistencies and the poor external assets management). Of course I would be fine with a better integration of Hype in Blocsapp but would be even happier if blocsapp developper would concentrate on making his app as reliable and efficient as Hype is. Then the 2 apps could constitute a mighty duo for web production

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Ha, you are correct about this fact :slight_smile:. I should say instead of “easy” that the bric structure appears on first glance fundamentally compatible with Hype exports and the transforms you can automate within an Export script.

Correct, we’re working on getting this out the door and won’t be able to attempt to tackle this for a bit. (And even then as per the above comment there’s no guarantee we’d be able to successfully create or support it as there’s lots of unknowns!)

Anyone is welcome to take a stab at the script if they’d like :slight_smile:.


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