Bizarre problem with font awesome

Hi guys,
I’m getting fool, till yesterday the font awesome was working good everywhere…
At a moment stop:

  • on Chrome: visible olny the first time, then it disappear
  • on firefox: visible olny the first time, then it disappear, It comes back you add a parameter ?.. at the url
  • on Safari: no problems

This is on MAC and PC
here’s the project:
The inspect chrome Console return me an error the I dont understand…
But in local everything working good, even if i disabled the font awesome from my font library, so it’s as I haven’t.

The font awesome in the hype document it set as in this guide About Fonts & Text | Using Typekit, Google Fonts, Font Awesome

thanks all

SOLVED: NEVER NEVER check the “Create offline application Cache” when using Font Awesome! NEVER!!!