Beziers and Hype 4

I would like to animate the control points in a bezier spline. I am creating an animation to teach how to knit. If I could create a spline for the yarn then I think this would be easy. Is this feature planned for Hype 4?

Right now I am using Affinity Designer to create various bezier based shapes. Everything looks like it will work except the yarn itself. I notice in some of the posts I could possibly animate directly using javascript right now. Will Hype 4 recognize an externally created SVG bezier as a bezier or will I need to create it natively in Hype?

I am not sure if I should create my animation now using the tools as they are or wait for Hype 4.

My son just told me how to do this in javascript. I might need better understanding of the Hype API. He said it is very easy to get the path out of the SVG and then I can cast it to a curve and then get the control points.

So to make it work with the rest of the animation I will need timing info for the other animations. I might also need to associate a set of bezier curves. I will come back with more questions when I get that far. Is there documentation for Hype API?

Animatable vector shapes is planned for Hype 4, but we can’t make any promises (especially as it relates to importing from other tools). You’re welcome to check out my demo from the Hype Conference in this video (at about the 40:36 mark):

We’re also adding folks to the beta program, so you are welcome to sign up here:

As for waiting for Hype 4 or using the beta, that’s a bit your call! I personally don’t recommend using beta software for production work (but clearly doing so helps our beta!).

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Hi Johnathan,

I watched your video on beziers and this is exactly what I am looking for. I tried to fake it out using Hype 3.6 and hit so many roadblocks that I think I am better off waiting for Hype 4. It is more than just the ability to edit beziers as I can currently do this in another editor, it is that (from what I can tell in the video) you can snap to the nodes on the curve.

Thanks so much for your help!

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