Best solution for approved CDN for DoubleClick HYPE-538.thin.min.js


(Rob) #1

Hi there, I’m wondering if there’s a list of DoubleClick approved CDN links that can be used for external runtime URLs for the outputted HYPE-538.thin.min.js file? I have a list of approved vendors from DCM:

But I’m not sure which of these (if any) offer a external link for the outputted JS file for ads that can be integrated with DoubleClick. I’m trying to reduce my ad sizes without compromising the image quality too much, and the outputted file is just pushing everything over the edge. Any advice would be very, very appreciated.

P.S. I’m not sure if this topic has been addressed in the past, I didn’t see anything on any of the message boards in relation to this issue with an answer I could use. Thank you!!!

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(Rob) #2

Is there no solution for this out there?


I setup a CDN: Unofficial Tumult Hype CDN

(Rob) #4

Hi Daniel, thank you so much for replying! I actually tried the Sizmek link before, sorry I didn’t mention this, and while the ad worked perfectly in preview across multiple computers, for some reason, when it got uploaded to DoubleClick, the ad appeared as a blank canvas, just a white screen which refused to load the ad up. Have you ever heard of this happening before? I’d love to just use the Sizmek URL, but I was told by DoubleClick they believed the link was being blocked for some reason.

(Rob) #5

I’m using the “external runtime URL” option in Advanced Options, and the link I’ve put in is:

(obviously, this isn’t the full URL as the External Runtime has the /HYPE-538.thin.min.js portion of the link added by default)

I’m including a screenshot as well, is there something I’m doing wrong here? Thank you again for your help!!


You should be using the secured version. Also, is there a reason you’re not running the latest version of Hype? (Build 552)

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(Rob) #7

Hi Daniel, thanks so much! Just in case anyone else is looking for an answer on this, the above 100% worked! Thanks again!

(Markus Gerhard) #8

Is there already an secure CDN for the latest HYPE-588.thin.min.js ? thx & best regards, Markus

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #9

We have build 596, and the library on Sizmek is not updated yet.


As Daniel mentions you should probably use

which has the latest updates (also 596)

Looks like they haven’t updated for a while. I wouldn’t rely on them.

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #11

Well Google should think of a new way to accept CDN’s. Event with the rawgit link the Adwords Server do not accept it.

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #12

@Daniel is there any update on the Google CDN system? I have some banner that are too big with the min.js file.


No updates at this time, but using their contact form to request that they host the library would be helpful!