Beginner Workflow question


In Hype Pro (3.5) I have a button graphic that when clicked, plays a sound (works fine) and I’d also like an animation to play (a simple motion path) in a symbol. I can’t seem to get that symbol to play when I click the button… Is this the correct workflow or have I missed the obvious?

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I think you will need to add a Custom Behaviour to the Symbol. The custom Behaviour will have a Timeline Action to continue Timeline ‘main’

Then in the Buttons Actions you need to trigger the custom Behaviour using the same name you gave the symbols custom Behaviour.

You may need to also add an onload action to the symbols actions to pause the main time line

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… after spending some more time with the piece it was easiest to modify the animation and put it back into the main timeline, where I also have the main button. I added a timeline action on the Main Timeline at 0:00 to display the movie without actually running it, and then on the main button I added an Action to Continue Timeline on the Main Timeline. A few tweaks and it worked nicely.

Thank you for your help!