Basic Position (maybe repsonsive?) Error

(lee) #1

In the view port it all works fine… when I preview in browers the Coloured layers are not aligned up correctly :S ??? If you open the Hype file you will understand :frowning:
Thanks in advance anyone who helps! (1.1 MB)

(Mark Hunte) #2

I admit that is an odd one. One fix and probably a good approach is the select all the elements that need to stay together and group them. Then put edge anchors on the group

(lee) #3

I thinkkkkk I have a problem… I just turned off ALL anchors and all pins and now somethings have not resized correctly…

It as if I need to make sure every image files source width is consistent. (Not using change width in Hype?)…

(lee) #4

Ok I seem to be having this problem across other files :frowning: ! hmmmm strange

(Mark Hunte) #5

It maybe something to do with the pngs!!

(lee) #6

I don’t think so… I re create the whole thing slowly and see when the error happens

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

The all pins on keeps items centered, but proportionate to their center point. Thus as the elements have different center points these will diverge as the window gets bigger.

I think this is the best solution: