Back in the web browser differs between Safari iOS/OSX vs. Chrome & Firefox

(Thomas Lundin) #1

I’m in the middle of splitting up a large Hype document into 3 or 4 files. That leads to using 3 or for different HTML-files.

Now, when I select BACK in the browser, the previous HTML with a Hype file in it, does not reload or render as it should. Or at least not the way I’m used to. In Chrome and Firefox it works fine. On Mac and iOS devices, the previous file comes back blank. After a while some of the Hype elements gets visible, but not all. Seems as the timelines are not running properly.

Any hints?…


That’s strange. Can you share your document? Haven’t heard of this issue.

(Thomas Lundin) #3

Sure. I will send it through the feedback dialogue.
I did some more tests. Problem still there. Seems to be with this Hype document only.
Another little issue; if grouped elements are copied from this document to another one, the position of the elements in the group gets rearranged in a strange way, when pasted.


For others hitting this issue:

It seems that the default behavior in Safari (at least 8.0.5) is to keep the ‘state’ of the page unless you run an ‘unload’ event or you navigate several additional pages prior to going back in history.

To change this behavior, you’ll need to use the ‘unload’ event which you could use to reset the scene. Here’s more info about the event: &

I think Safari is a bit more aggressive in remembering the ‘state’ of your animation than other browsers.

This behavior will likely change in upcoming version of Safari. If it does, please reply to this thread.