Automate a DCM banner production (Jpeg and Zip)

Hi all.
I’m preparing a DCM campaign. For export the right file I’ve used the DCM Export Scripts listed here

(please add them to future release of Hype, I’ve searched a lot before find them).

But agency ask me also a Jpeg for backup of all banners (Jpeg is a screen of the first frame).
Actually, I use the PNG Animate export and then convert all PNGs into Jpeg. Do you know a way to automate the workflow?
Export DCM and also in JPEG (outside the ZIP with the same name).
Tnx in advance

You could probably make an Automator Folder action that will change the .pngs to images when you do an export to that folder.

There’s probably also tools (maybe selenium can do it) that should be able to take screenshots of web views, so you could use an HTML export and then possibly capture that.