Audio not playing

i have a problem with audio files. they do not hear in the preview nor do they export the html file. the curious thing is that an old project made with hype 3 has no problem with the inserted audio. the audio in question is heard when you hover over a button.

Help me please 🥲

Are you sure it works in Hype 3? There was a change in browser security. Modern browsers now require specific user actions to permit sounds playing. I made a video about this topic. I don't think "Hover" is enough to “Break The Sound Barrier”.


have you tried a click or touchstart to start the audio?

mouseover or Hypes sceneload to autoplay will most likely be blocked by browsers ...

a lot of info on this topic will appear by a forumsearch :wink:


2 projects of which the one made with hype 4 has the problem. the browser And system are the same.

If you, personally, have interacted with this domain and played audio, its ‘Media Engagement Index’ would be high, thus allowing the domain to play audio with fewer restrictions -- a hover is an 'action' but a click has a higher confidence level that the user did indeed want audio to play. If you can share a URL or Zip of your Hype projects that would help us narrow this down. (Assuming that you’re using Chrome)

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