Audio loads twice

I have an animation that plays an audio file. I have inserted a replay button at the end. When outputting the project I see that there are two copies of the audio files, not one. This forces the animation to pause while it reloads the audio that is already in memory.

How do I force the animation to use the audio file already loaded?

That’s weird. Can you share a test document?

Do you see 1 or 2 audio groups in the resource library?

This is a responsive project with three layouts. What I did was delete the links to the audio files, clear them out of the resource library and then create new links. This time it worked.
There was one odd thing that I found before doing the above — Of the duplicate folders automatically created to contain these audio files (each with ogg, mp3 and wav versions), one had two formats with standard filenames and one with an incremented name, while the other had just the opposite.
With another a second folder was automatically created in which each of the three files had a -1 at the end of the filename.
It is as if Hype was not recognizing that the file paths were identical. All three formats of the source audio files came from only one folder on my drive.
I’ll provide a copy tomorrow.