Audio keeps playing back between widgets

I am using hype to create an interactive ebook. I have multiple scenes (some with audio) exported to a widget per scene and then use iBooks Author to create the ebook from those widgets.
when previewing in iBooks Author I can see the audio from previous scene continues playing back on to the next scene. I have added stop audio action on scene unload but it does not seems to be triggered.
Just wondering how can I stop audio playback when in iBooks I go to next/previous page?

Scene unload only happens when changing scenes. So unless you change scenes within your widget then it’s not going to fire. As i understand it you have created several widgets. 1 widget that contains 1 scene?

Thats right. I’ve got 14 scenes each in its own file, all exported to multiple widgets and then placed in an ebook using iBooks Author. Each even scene is a silent one and each odd one is having interaction + audio. as I move from an odd to an even scene this seems to happen. I didn’t have this issue in Edge Anim, it seems to be happening only in hype.
is it possible to somehow stop audio as I navigate? or if there’s a trick to change the volume to zero on even scenes (sounds like a hack though)?
I appreciate your reply.

Thanks to you for asking this question. I just published two children’s books using iBooks Author and Hype for the story. I am having the same problem and didn’t know how to fix it. My story are made up of scenes which I save a one whole widget. I got comments about the voice running over from one scene to another. Now that I’ve read this I can fix that problem. Just did a sample and it works great. What you have to remember is to choose the correct m4a file to stop playing. Now on to fixing my story widgets and to resubmit.
Thanks for the help.

Hi Parisa did you ever find a solution? I have a similar situation - I am making many different widgets that I am inserting into different pages (as full screen widgets that play automatically) in iBooks author. Some of these widgets contain audio files triggered with a play button. I’d like the audio to stop playing automatically when a user goes to the next page in iBooks - some of the audio can be up to a minute long with can impact the user who may not have thought to press the stop button to stop the audio before going to the next page… @DBear it sounds like this isn’t possible unless I set up my iBook differently with a single widget that contains multiple scenes but I’d really like to keep it as separate iBook pages to keep the swiping functionality between pages and tables of contents and other iBooks functionality.