Arrow on animated line (path)

Hi there,
is there a simplest solution to animate a line with an arrow at the end point? At the moment there are 2 lines: one for the “appearing line” and the other for the arrow. K. (19.6 KB)


You will need two elements like you do, but note that you can paste the vector shape onto the motion path to get an exact match:

  1. Select the vector shape and Copy
  2. Select the triangle and click on the motion path to edit that
  3. Click Paste
  4. You may need to slightly adjust the position of the triangle so that the motion path matches the vector starting point (do so off any keyframes so it offsets everything)

That’s fine, though… say I’d like to change in a second moment the beginning of the animated line, it’s quite tricky to edit the whole process: I select the vector shape (changed) and copy on the motion path but it doesn’t change accordingly. The only way to do this correction is to remove the motion path do a new one and paste again on it the vector shape. I really hope to see in a future upgrade some start/end arrow option on paths or lines. K.


Yup, I understand the workflow pain; thanks for the feedback!