Any method to animate a growing tree using hype

(Kun Chen) #1

I would like animate a growing tree in an element. Does Hype provide any painting tool to do that? Or i have to write javascript to draw the tree on Canvas.

(Pete) #2

Hmm not sure about Hype 3.x. I know Hype 4 which is in beta allows for animating pencil strokes in addition to shape morphing a few of many great new features found in the upcoming version 4.

See if Tumult can grant you access to the beta.

(Kun Chen) #3

yeah that would be great and cannot wait to try the new version. do you know where i can appliy for the beta testing

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Please sign up here: (and reply once you’ve done so so I can send it out) Thanks!

(Kun Chen) #5

Hi, Jonathan,

I’ve submitted the form. My email address is



(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

(invite sent!)

(Kun Chen) #7

I am trying some new functions right now. Many thanks!