Any method to animate a growing tree using hype

I would like animate a growing tree in an element. Does Hype provide any painting tool to do that? Or i have to write javascript to draw the tree on Canvas.

Hmm not sure about Hype 3.x. I know Hype 4 which is in beta allows for animating pencil strokes in addition to shape morphing a few of many great new features found in the upcoming version 4.

See if Tumult can grant you access to the beta.

yeah that would be great and cannot wait to try the new version. do you know where i can appliy for the beta testing

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Please sign up here: (and reply once you’ve done so so I can send it out) Thanks!

Hi, Jonathan,

I’ve submitted the form. My email address is



(invite sent!)

I am trying some new functions right now. Many thanks!


Hi Jonathan,

I built my portfolio using Hype 4 but I found some problems. I used to send bugs via the application but I do need some help from the team to fix this problem.

In my websites, there are five scenes and the third scene (Word) is with different height (1900 px and other four 768 px).

The problem is that I cannot use flexible layout on the third scene. When I applied flexible layout to the scene, the scene will automatically use 768 px for scaling.

If I do not use the flexible layout, the position of contents in the scene (Word) will be changed when jumping to other scenes.

The attached is the hype document.


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