Any feedback from the Hype Conference?

Did anyone attend the conference in Nashville?
Wish I could have been there but parent/school duties are heavy in the Fall :slight_smile:

Major rockstar Andy McNally shared several sketch notes from the conference on Twitter. These are a great taste of what the amazing speakers covered.

And here’s one from Jonathan’s talk about iBook widgets at the iBooks Author Conference:

We’ll be posting videos and slides from many of the talks soon!

If you’d like to receive an email when these are ready, visit this page.


Yes, loved it. @Daniel please make sure to send me those slides that you created for the last presentation. I would have loved that more of the day was about that kind of thing, although I really enjoyed the presentations showing different perspectives of people’s Hype usage. My favorite ‘live courses’ are packed with tips and tricks, shortcut, better workflows, practical information, especially detailed practical Javascript usage. The most valuable sections for me were your two presentations and Jonathan’s.


Looks like Homestarrunner is in there. Was there some collaboration with Tumult / Hype and the famous website…

…nope, still Flash.

I second that sentiment. I’d love to get the slides from the last presentation particularly and enjoyed the sessions of that nature that most.


We’re rounding up slides/info, and hope to have full video in the near future too.


The 2016 Hype Conference vids are up!


Good, something to watch on Apple TV. :smile:

I’m watching the Evolution of Hype video. (1h, 5m) I’m surprised @jonathan didn’t smash the mask right-to-left question. I’m yelling at the TV… use a group.

7:36 of Bleeding edge of Hype… @Daniel said it right… GIF (like jif) … and no, it’s not OK to say it the other way. :smirk:

…and wow… Y’all more polite than I would be. I lost it here…

Does it run on Mac? Does it actually export lightweight and usable HTML5 code? Is the application itself lightweight and usable? Does it let you use the exported code without restrictions or hidden metrics gathering? Does it have developers as friendly and helpful as Tumult? Is it affordable? Is the software also useful for creating websites?!

(╯° °)╯︵ ┻━┻

Hype is not game development software, but it could be. That’s why the presentation from @darren_pearson was encouraging. A better question would have been, “What does Hype need to be more competitive with dedicated game development software” …but that was one of the slides.

I like Tumult and Hype, but I’m glad I stayed home.

Dunno, I guess my brain was on a different wavelength at that moment :upside_down_face:. I did just make a quick tutorial that shows off the way to do this a couple days ago.

Darren’s presentation was great!
Did you also see the Anthony DiLaura’s version of Dance Dance Revolution? (okay, maybe that isn’t the type of game you’re interested in).

I didn’t watch all the videos. They’re fairly long videos. Although, the HTML5 player on YouTube is nice. I can speed things up…

It still wasn’t fast enough, so I searched the transcript. It seems that Hype naturally gravitates towards digital books, education and games. Heh, that’s probably why I like the software.