Animation Needs to Display an Image in IE6

In Edge Animate I used the Down Stage poster image to point to what to display in pre-HTML 5 browsers. How do I do that in Hype? There should be some JavaScript that works well to check for old browsers and then displays an image that I upload with the image files. Anybody have a link to that? Thanks!

I don’t think that’s necessary, as Hype supports IE6. Not for all properties, but a lot of them.

If for some reason you think it’s necessary, you can use Conditional Comments…

That’s fantastic, how does it support it?

If Hype doesn’t support a feature in a certain browser, a yellow warning icon should appear. No yellow icons, no problems.

If an icon does appear, custom code could be added. If less than IE 7, then run JavaScript to load a different scene. That scene could be customized to support older browsers.

But really… IE6 is an old browser. It’s horribly insecure and should not be supported. Not even Microsoft supports it.

Do you honestly ever think that the choice of supporting IE6 is the designer/developers?

Every time I post a question about it somebody tells me not to support it.
I, of all people, would prefer not to support it, it is a royal pain in my ass. But alas it still needs support for the work I’m doing, hospitals never upgrade.

So… does anybody have the JavaScript that will work well in Hype 3 to support this god awful ancient browser with a simple poster image? Thanks.

(Don’t take my snarky-ness personally, it wasn’t aimed at you, thanks for helping)

I feel your pain! But we do take pride in Hype animations working well in IE 6 :smile:

Is there something specific with your Hype document not working in IE6 that makes you want to use a poster image?

WOW! That is impressive. How the hell did you get the animations to work in everything? All right, you have my undying respect, it works perfectly in IE6 and IE8 on Windows XP, that’s a freaking miracle!!!

Now I understand why there was no documentation about it.



Glad to hear that!

I’m reminded by my an exasperated expression of my grandmother’s: “It wasn’t easy!” but in reality IE 6 is the first modern browser with many features we take for granted - just they don’t always use the standard syntax of today.